How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

invisalign-cost-mkeAs you would expect, pricing for Invisalign treatment varies depending on how long it will take to straighten your teeth. Most clients can get their teeth straight 12-18 months. For that time-frame, fees range from about $3500-$5,500. For treatment that is shorter in duration, fees can even be as low as $2950!

In addition, as Wisconsin’s #1 Invisalign provider, we get substantially reduced fees from Align Corporation and we pass these savings on to our patients! Coupled with our affordable monthly payment plans and it’s likely you will be able to afford the smile you want!

Want to save additional money? We often give better pricing for patients who are willing to schedule their appointments in the morning during the school year.

Want a specific quote? Come on in for a free consultation and get a written quote at no-charge!

Want to save yourself a trip? You can send us photos of your teeth [see below] and get an on-line estimate!

Points to consider:

• Don’t think: Invisalign will be more expensive because I am an adult [not always true!]

• My teeth look really bad so I know it will take a long time to straighten my teeth (sometimes teeth that look “bad” don’t take as long to straighten as you might think); unfortunately the reverse can be true as well—teeth that “don’t look so bad” can take longer to straighten than you might expect especially if the bite needs to be corrected.

• Don’t ever say “I can’t afford it”! At Bubon Orthodontics we will go out of our way to make your treatment affordable. As mentioned above, our #1 status enables our fees at Bubon Orthodontics to be very favorable compared to what other Invisalign doctors are charging—sometimes by more than $1000! And we promise not to skimp on quality or service.

So what are you waiting for?! Get in touch with us now!

Send photos to:

For an on-line estimate: e-mail us close-up photos of your teeth (front, right and left sides biting down plus one with teeth slightly apart; two facial photos — smiling and one with lips together– are useful, too.

Thanks! We should be able to give you your quote within 2-3 days!

Not sure what insurances we accept? See our accepted insurances information here.


Send photos to: If you want to e-mail us a decent photo of a close-up of your teeth, we might even be able to give you an on-line estimate! ( If you want to do this, please take a digital picture with your teeth biting edge-to-edge [so that we can see your lower teeth] as well one with your normal bite. Two front face photos [one smiling and one with lips together] would also be a big help.